Tree Maintenance Before Storm Season

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Tree Maintenance Before Storm Season

With the warm weather here, we know that summer thunderstorms will inevitably visit Northern Michigan. Get your yard prepped for storm season with our Traverse City tree service.

Trees need to be properly maintained and trimmed to ensure they are not going to be a safety hazard for you or your home when environmental conditions get intense. When storms hit, trees with disease or damage can quickly cause problems.

Our Traverse City tree service can inspect the trees on your property and highlight any potential issues of concern.. Our professionals will travel to Glen Arbor, Leeland and Traverse City area properties. Make time for our free, on-site estimate for tree service or removal before high winds, torrential rain, or lightning make the trees on your property a safety hazard.

When our friendly tree service professionals come to see your property we look for:

● Signs of disease, decay, or insect infestation

● Dead trees ● Trees that are growing on an angle

● Overgrown trees that require pruning or thinning to encourage healthy growth

● Branches that are growing too close to utility or power lines

● Tree branches that are too close to buildings on your property or neighboring properties

Once we identify trouble spots, we can determine the best remedy, which we execute with our unique low-impact approach. Our Traverse City tree service is unusual in that we rely on climbing trees (without damaging spikes!) rather than heavy equipment that will damage the ground or lawn.

With our minimally-invasive approach, top of the line equipment, and highly-skilled tree service specialists, you can rest assured that not only will we take every step necessary to prepare your trees for storm season, but we will leave your grounds undisturbed.

Healthy trees that are well maintained will fare much better in harsh storm conditions than trees left to fend for themselves or that are pruned improperly. The earlier sickly trees are diagnosed and treated, the better the odds of saving them.

It is much safer to have our Traverse City tree service expertly remove dead, weakened, or overgrown branches than to leave it to Mother Nature.

Storm season is quickly approaching. Book your free, on-site estimate by contacting us at Read Tree Service Inc. Our tree service serves Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties as well as the surrounding Northern Michigan communities.

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