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Traverse City Tree Service FAQ’s

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you decide if our tree services are the solution you are looking for.

What are some factors that determine the price of the services?
There are many factors that determine the price of services a few of these are the proximity to electrical hazards, buildings and pools; as well as whether the tree is located in the front or back yard.

How do I find out the price of the services?
You can call and tell us about your tree service needs to receive a general hourly rate, and a price range for the project but we have to visit your location to provide a more precise estimate. Click here to request a tree service quote.

Are estimates free?
Yes – get a tree service quote

How long does it take to get an estimate?
Estimates typically only take 3-4 business days.

When do I pay and what forms of payment are acceptable?
Payment is due in full at the completion of the project.  We accept personal and business checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Are you insured?
Yes we are fully insured.

Do you treat sick trees or spray for bugs?

Can you make educated recommendations concerning keeping, trimming or removing a tree that may be a hazard?

Can I keep the wood for firewood?

Will you pay me for the wood?
No, the small volume of wood produced from taking down a single tree does not make it profitable for us to purchase wood. Although we can take it to a local saw mill if you would like for a delivery fee.

Can you trim trees year round?

What is involved in the cleanup?
We use low impact techniques so that your property and trees are not damaged by the work that we do.  Then we clean up all equipment and wood after the project is completed.

For tree removal do you include stump grinding in the estimates?
Yes we do include this in our price. We work with a partner company for stump grinding services

What areas do you work in?
Grand Traverse County and Leelanau County including Traverse City, Leland, Suttons Bay, Old Mission Peninsula, Lake Ann, Interlochen, Empire, Acme, Omena, North Port and other Northern Michigan towns in the area.

How are you different from other tree service companies in Northern Michigan?
Our level of education and dedication to utilizing low impact equipment that leaves your yard in great condition sets us apart from other tree service companies. Ben Read, owner of Read Tree Service has a degree in Environmental Resource Management with a focus on Arboriculture (tree care) and Urban Forestry (forestry practices conducted in an urban environment) as well as several years of experience.

If you have any concerns about your trees don’t hesitate to call or email Read Tree Service for a free evaluation.

* When you call please specify if you are a resident of the Traverse City, Kingsley, Acme, Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Lake Ann, Kalkaska, Omena, North Port or Elk Rapids area.

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