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Traverse City Tree Service – Falling Trees

One of the most common questions our Traverse City tree service is “Will my tree fall over?”

Properties in northern Michigan, including Leelanau County and around Traverse City, MI, are no strangers to towering trees. In fact, it is not uncommon to find many varieties of trees on a single property. Nearly all of the native trees in the area grow uninhibited, often reaching towering heights. They are beautiful, and considered treasured property by many landowners, but trouble arises when one is in danger of losing a large limb or toppling over. This is why it’s a good idea to have any questionable tree carefully inspected by the premiere Traverse City tree service, Read Tree Service.
Trees fall over for many reasons. In nearly all cases, the tree is weakened due to internal decay, or the presence of pests. This weakness, combined with the extreme northern Michigan weather can create hazardous conditions that cause trees to fall over, seemingly without warning. However, trained eyes, such as the professionals at Read Tree Service of Traverse City can predict which trees are weakened and may present a risk of falling over.

Decaying Trees

One of the common causes of falling trees is internal decay. Due to the nature of the vascular system of the tree, trees often appear thriving and healthy, despite the presence of internal decay problems. However, trees that are infected by wood rot fungi are inherently weakened and at a greater risk of dropping limbs or falling over. There are times when the best course of action for a decaying tree is tree removal. The safest way to have any tree removed is to have it done by a professional tree service.

Weakened Branch Connections

Some trees are more likely to drop branches and limbs than others. This is especially true of trees with weak branch unions. This occurs in trees where two or more upright branches grow close together. Maple trees, with their tendency to grow upright branches, are at a greater risk of this condition. When noticed early enough, your professional Traverse City tree service can rectify this problem, strengthen the tree, and reduce the risk of the tree falling over.

Poor Health

It can be difficult to recognize trees that are generally in poor health. Signs of illness or poor health include numerous dead twigs, or even dead branches. Leaves that do not grow to their full size, or those that seem oddly covered in comparison to other, healthy trees of the same variety, may also be in poor health. Trees that are not thriving are inherently weaker than their healthy counterparts, and can pose a risk to nearby structures and property. If you question the health of any tree on your property, contact Read Tree Service, the premiere Traverse City tree service to inspect the tree and make a determination in regard to its care.

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