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Traverse City Tree Service Expectations

What to Expect from Your Traverse City Tree Service

We’ve all seen tree removals that end with the yard looking worse than before. With a good Traverse City tree service, you will find yourself pleased with the overall presentation and quality of the work. Your yard should look better and healthier than ever with the help of a good tree service.  Here are some things that you should expect from a Traverse City tree service, when discussing projects don’t be afraid to ask if a tree service will address the following concerns:

Clean Up – All tree services claim that they “clean up” after the job, but what exactly should that mean?  A quality tree service will go beyond removing all logs, branches and sticks and actually remove the sawdust and wood chips that maybe sprinkled across your lawn (and your neighbors).  They will also take the time to repair any ruts created in your lawn by heavy logs.

Wood – I know the tree service will remove the wood for me, but what if I want to keep some of the logs for my summer campfires or winter fireplace? If you let your tree service know ahead of time they should be happy to stack some logs for you to keep for campfires and your fireplace.

Healthy Tree – I’ve heard that tree trimming can actually damage my trees, how can I prevent this? If you are interested in a tree trimming service, ask the professionals if they use climbing spurs.  You want to work with a tree service that does not use climbing spurs as they damage the tree. Also ask about the tree trimmers education.  There are certain techniques implemented for trimming for optimal health.  A poor tree-trimming job can actually harm the tree to the point that it fails to thrive.

Care Recommendations – A top notch tree service should have the knowledge required and the willingness to take the time to make recommendations concerning the future care of your tree to promote peak health.

Experience – It’s great to find out how long a company has been in business and how much experience the staff has, but don’t stop there.  Ask for testimonials from existing clients. Any first-rate Northern Michigan tree service should be able to provide testimonials.

Owner Involvement – You can rest assured that you are getting the best service possible and full access to professional expertise when the owner is directly involved in each project.

Credentials – Expect your tree removal or pruning service to have credentials.  Ask if they are Members of the ISA, and Tree Care Industry Association.  Quality Traverse City tree services should also be well educated in urban forestry and low impact tree trimming.

Meet any Deadlines – Any top-notch professional service will be able to reliably meet deadlines.

Competitive Pricing – A premium Traverse City tree service should still be able to offer fair and reasonable pricing for their services.

Fully Insured – No matter how experienced the Northern Michigan tree service team is, tree removal, trimming and pruning is dangerous and accidents can happen.  It’s important to only work with fully insured professionals.

Free Quote – It’s standard in northern Michigan for a professional tree service to provide a free quote for services.  Take advantage of this opportunity to find out not only how much it would cost, but exactly what would be involved in the tree pruning, trimming or removal project.

Low Impact – Premium Traverse City tree services practice low impact tree trimming methods. These methods do not use climbing spurs or heavy machinery.  Low impact methods provide several benefits.  First if the Traverse City tree service is pruning or trimming, the use of low impact climbing methods will not harm your tree. When climbing spurs are used, it creates holes in the tree that could lead to the development of organisms that will decay the rest of the tree. Secondly the lack of heavy machinery allows the professionals to access difficult areas of the yard where there may not be space for the large equipment. Finally, the heavy equipment is likely to tear up your yard.  These vehicles frequently create ruts, divots  and damage to your lawn, sprinkler system and drainage areas of your yard.

If you have any questions about what you can expect from Read Tree Service of Traverse City, click here to read about our tree services, call 231-620-0812 or send us a message here.

Read Tree Service is proud to serve the Northern Michigan area including Traverse City, Kingsley, Kalkaska, Acme, Suttons Bay, Lake Ann, Elk Rapids, Leelanau, Omena, North Port and Kalkaska.

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