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Traverse City Tree Service Benefits

Do-it-yourself might work for home decorating, but it’s much safer to leave Traverse City tree removal to the experts.

Felling a tree is precise work that requires a combination of knowledge and skill, especially in Northern Michigan where trees grow densely, homes are built closer together in the cities and residential areas, and power lines must be avoided. If you need a tree removed in the Glen Arbor, Leeland or Traverse City limits or the surrounding areas it’s a good idea to get a professional consultation before attempting to do it yourself. Our Traverse City tree removal specialists have advanced understanding of physics, botany, dangerous tools, and advanced cutting techniques. Careful training, enhanced skills, and exceptional teamwork help to ensure that our work for homeowners and businesses is safe.

We have experience removing dead, dying, damaged, or diseased trees; trees that are growing too close to buildings or into septic areas; and trees that are overgrown and unsafe

Many people are tempted to try to save money by doing the work themselves, but savings are not worth the risk. Here are some of the most common dangers:

Personal injury: Amateurs are not adequately prepared to troubleshoot the risks of felling trees, which increasing the potential for an accident. Falling branches, improper use of tools, and malfunctioning tools can cause serious accidents. Someone not properly trained might fall when attempting to fell a tall tree or could end up crushed under the weight of a tree that lands in an unexpected manner.

Electrocution: It only takes an instant to hit a power line with a tool or a tree and electrocution is often fatal. Knocking out the power would not only make you unpopular with your neighbors, but it could result in expensive repairs.

Working with inadequate equipment: Our tree removal specialists follow Occupational Safety and Health Association guidelines and have advanced training for all the equipment required to safely remove trees. Most homeowners do not have any training in tree removal strategies and have never completed any formal training in the usage of chain saws, cranes, and wood chippers.

Errors in judgment: Someone with no training or experience may not recognize whether a tree is decayed or unstable. Understanding the impact of physics and gravity on a tree that needs to be removed is essential, also knowing which cuts and how to use ropes that will help to bring a tree down safely. A mistake can quickly end up with the tree falling on buildings, vehicles, power lines, or people.

Homeowners should consider paying experts to safely remove trees rather than risk causing more problems or costly mistakes. Our company uses a low-impact approach, relying on climbing trees rather than damaging your property with heavy trucks or equipment; we don’t leave your property with unsightly tracks or ruts.

When you want to hire Traverse City tree removal experts, contact the friendly and fully insured staff at Read Tree Service Inc. Our professional staff have been serving Glen Arbor, Leelanau, Grand Traverse and surrounding communities in Northern Michigan for more than 16 years. We’re happy to offer a free, on-site estimate for your tree removal needs.

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