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Traverse City Stump Removal FAQ

 Removing a stump is incredibly difficult. This is especially true if the base of the tree is large and has a sprawling root system. Trained professionals have the tools, knowledge, and experience to remove tree stumps in a safe and efficient manner. Read Tree Service provides Traverse City stump removal as well as servicing the surrounding area. These are some common questions we hear and their answers.

Q: Why should I remove the tree stump?

In many instances it’s best to remove a tree stump. It prevents the roots from spreading causing damage to property structures, including buildings, sidewalks, and fences. They can become diseased, and can act as a nesting place for unwelcome pests such as termites, hornets, and wasps. They are also, often considered unsightly and can reduce the value of your property.

Q: When should I keep a tree stump?

For the most part, we recommend that all tree stumps be removed. However, homeowners who wish to promote re-growth of their tree should keep the stump intact and take steps to prevent the stump from rotting or otherwise becoming damaged in an effort to re-grow their tree.

Q: How are tree stumps removed?

High-powered grinders are used to remove tree stumps. The stump is ground to its base depth, which is approximately ten inches below the surface of the ground. This depth is ideal as it removes the risk of re-growth and allows for plants and grass to grow over the location.

Q: How can I get a Traverse City area stump removal quote?

Contact Read Tree Service located in Traverse City at (231) 620-0812 or fill out the quote request online. We service Northwest MI including Grand Traverse and Leelanau County.

Q: Will your tree service company clean my property?

Yes. We are focused on providing quality complete work while making a minimal impact on your property and leaving it cleaner than we found it. When we complete our work the area will be clean and safe for your entire family.

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