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When you notice a potential issue with one of your trees, call our Traverse City tree service, we might be able to take actions towards saving it. We will be happy to visit your Leelanau or Grand Traverse area home to personally inspect the tree. Our trained professionals will assess and diagnose the issues and determine the best course of action.

Here are some symptoms that indicate it’s time to call our Traverse City tree service:

Dead branches. If you suddenly notice that a tree has several dead branches or wood showing signs of decay, the deadwood is a potential safety hazard. We can also troubleshoot what has caused the problem and determine whether the tree can be saved.

Cankers. If you notice unsightly bulges or dark spots on the bark of a tree, you may have discovered a tree canker. This happens when a tree has been damaged and then bacteria or fungus attacks the tree. Damage could be the result of storms, insects, or even man-made slashes to the bark. Proper pruning techniques can limit the spread of the bacteria or fungus and restore the health of the tree.

Spindly branches with weak joints. Not only does this indicate the tree is not well, but weak branches could be a safety issue if they fall.

Leaning. If a tree is growing like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the odd angle might indicate a problem with the root system. It is also possible that the tree has been damaged or pruned incorrectly in the past. It’s important to have it looked at before it falls.

Cracks in the trunk. Sometimes a crack occurs and it’s not a problem, but other times they allow rot to set in or insects to take up residence. Our tree service can assess the risk and health of your tree.

Proper care and maintenance of the trees on your property can help to prevent disease and damage. Our tree service team is always happy to help you assess potential problems and improve the health of your trees before there are any serious issues. Proper pruning is a very important step in encouraging healthy growth.

If you suspect you have trees showing symptoms of disease or other problems, we can help identify risks and limit damage or accidents that could result from sick or dying trees.

You might be able to save your tree! Contact us at Read Tree Service Inc. Read Tree Service Inc. for a free, on-site estimate for tree service and removal. Our Traverse City tree service serves Leelanau and Grand Traverse County including Leland, Glen Arbor and Traverse City.

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