Reasons to call a trusted Tree Service

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Reasons to call a trusted Tree Service

There are several reasons to call Read Tree Service, your reliable Traverse City tree service. Our tree specialists can help with many different issues in the Leeland, Glen Arbor and Traverse City area, including:

Removal of dead, diseased, or insect-infested trees. Our tree removal services will keep your property safe and prevent the spread of plant disease. It is better to deal with dead branches or other problems before someone is injured or the problem gets worse.

Assess damage to trees. Sometimes storms or accidents damage trees, our tree removal team can determine whether a tree can be saved or whether it will need to be removed. We can also help when you suspect the interior of a tree is decaying.

Help with tree overgrowth. When you find trees on your property are crowded or have grown too large and could potentially damage your home or wreak havoc with utility lines, we can help prune and cut the trees back carefully to limit risk and preserve their integrity.

Assist with other problems. Perhaps a tree drops sap all over your building or cars, blocks the view, or is casting more shade than you’d like in certain areas. Or maybe you are building and want to minimize damage to existing trees. We can troubleshoot any issues you might have and work with you to find a solution that is aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Our Traverse City based tree removal company uses the industry’s best equipment and low impact techniques that will not harm your trees or damage your property. For instance, when we climb trees for maintenance, we would never use spikes and risk negatively impacting an otherwise healthy tree.

We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation for professional service and good results over our 16 years in business, and we pride ourselves on leaving every work site as clean – or cleaner – than we find it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us no matter what the reason! We are happy to help with large or small jobs and we offer a free, on-site estimate for tree service or removal.

Contact us at Read Read Tree Service Inc. for all your tree care needs. Our tree removal experts serve, Leeland, Glen Arbor, Traverse City and the surrounding Northern Michigan communities. We’re happy to offer a free, on-site estimate for your tree removal needs.

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