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Reasons to call a trusted Tree Service

When you hire contractors or repair specialists, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right professionals to do the work — and the same goes for finding a quality tree service company.

Taking care of trees, especially near utility poles, is potentially dangerous work (especially when height or power lines are involved!). Here are the questions we recommend you ask before you hire a tree service company:

1. What are your qualifications? Not all Traverse City area tree service companies have the same level of skill and certification. As the customer, it is absolutely within your right to ask for proof that someone has the experience. If a company is reluctant to give proof or answer questions directly, be wary!

2. Are you properly insured? Given the risks associated with tree removal, climbing trees to cut limbs, or working near electrical power lines, it is essential that you confirm that any tree removal service you hire is adequately insured for liability due to accidents, damage, or injury. They should also take care of their staff and ensure they meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for worker safety.

3. Could I see some references? Any quality tree service company will have references from satisfied clients. Do your homework! Look online for reviews and testimonials and make a few phone calls as well.

4. Will you provide a free, written estimate? Experienced tree removal specialists will not hesitate to come to your site to see the work that needs to be done and provide you with an estimate not only for the cost of the work but also for the scope and how long they think it will take to complete.

5. Will you use heavy equipment to access tree tops? Some companies will use huge trucks to drive up to trees and do the necessary work, which can cause all kinds of damage to your property. Find out before the work is started whether the company operates heavy trucks or if they use a low impact approach and climb trees.

6. If you climb trees will you use spikes? Not all companies work the same way. Find out whether the company will use tree spikes to climb to the tops of healthy trees; and if they do, think again. Spikes will damage healthy trees and allow for infection by fungus, bacteria, or insects. If they recommend topping trees, which is when the top of large, healthy trees are removed, be wary because arborists do not consider this to be a best practice.

When you are looking to hire a tree service, consider their website content, printed materials, and how they respond to your questions. You want to hire a team with the right expertise and business professionalism to do a good job at a fair price.

Contact our highly skilled Traverse City tree service with all your questions. We’re happy to meet you on-site for an estimate. Call Read Tree Service Inc. to arrange for a free, on-site estimate and to learn more about our minimally invasive approach. Read Tree Service Inc. for all your tree care needs. Our tree removal experts serve, Leeland, Glen Arbor, Traverse City and the surrounding Northern Michigan communities. We’re happy to offer a free, on-site estimate for your tree removal needs.
We’ve been serving clients in Traverse City, Glen Arbor, Leland, and surrounding communities in Northern Michigan for 16 years.

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