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Northern Michigan Tree Service: Dangerous Trees

 Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful native trees in the country. Thanks to the abundance of protected land, temperate environment, and ample annual precipitation, the trees in some areas of northern Michigan, like Traverse City, reach towering heights. While breathtaking, these trees can prove quite dangerous in urban areas. An experienced northern Michigan tree service like Read Tree Service can help you protect your trees, property and loved ones. Here are some signs of dangerous trees that may need attention. .

Overhanging Trees

Trees with limbs that hang over the tops of houses, garages, and other buildings, often present a risk. In the event that the tree becomes weak, branches, limbs, and debris could fall onto the building, causing minor problems, such as drain damage, or major problems, such as roof damage, window breaking, or even structural damage. Additionally, overhanging trees can be dangerous during extreme weather. Strong summer thunderstorms, high winds, and northern Michigan’s snow and ice can all conspire to make overhanging trees a real and present danger. Your northern Michigan tree service should be able to remove these dangerous limbs without damaging the tree or your property and leave the work site cleaner than they found it.

Power Lines

Trees that grow near power lines often need to be trimmed. The errant branches can knock out power lines, take down utility poles, and create dangerous situations for local residents and electrical technicians alike. These trees should receive trimming by a professional northern Michigan tree trimming service on a regular basis in order to keep them from becoming a dangerous hazard.

Structural Problems

Trees do not only cause problems due to their height. In many cases, it is the trees trunk or root system that causes major problems for residents. A large root system that has been growing for decades, or even centuries, can threaten the existence of anything in its path, including homes, garages, and other types of buildings. These roots can burrow through basements, flooring, and other structures, creating a dangerous environment for the owners of the property. Additionally, structural repair from tree damage can be very intensive and very costly. Weak, dying or dead trees are also a hazard because if they come down on their own you can never predict with certainty where or when they will fall. A tree service can evaluate your unique situation and make an experienced recommendation as well as take care of any necessary tree removals.
Professional tree removal or preventative tree trimming conducted by an experienced tree service promotes safety and could save you thousands of dollars in potential damage. If you have a tree on your property that could pose a hazard, it is worthwhile to contact the premiere northern Michigan tree service Read Tree Service in Traverse City, Michigan, to assess the situation and ensure that your tree is not a threat to your safety or the structures on your property.

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