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Northern Michigan Tree Removal

When does a tree need to be cut down?

Many people choose to cut down trees as part of a landscaping project or to allow more sunlight in but how do you know when you need to cut a tree down for safety reasons? It can be a tough decision to take down a tree that you enjoy, but no one wants to keep a tree that could be hazardous. Here are some pointers that can help you decide if you should have a professional evaluate the situation.

Here are some hazards to keep an eye out for:

•    A tree with a root system that may cause interference of your septic system.  If a tree’s roots grow over a septic drain field they can block or even break the pipes interfering with the distribution system.

•    Trees overgrowing into electrical lines can also be extremely dangerous.

•     A partially uprooted tree from high winds or a storm.

If you are experience any of these problems you should call a full-service, fully insured tree removal service, like Read Tree Service immediately to have the area professionally inspected.   Read Tree Service provides free estimates to residents in the Traverse City, Kingsley, Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Lake Ann, Kalkaska and Elk Rapids area.

Sometimes the problem is your tree may be sick, which makes it susceptible to loosing large branches or falling over entirely, especially if exposed to high winds. Here are some signs your tree may be in trouble.  If you are aware of what to watch for you increase your chances of an early detection and give yourself a greater chance of saving the tree.

•    Dry or brittle branches.
•    Weak branches that snap easily or break off and fall either on their own or with a slight wind.

•    Decay pockets, cavities, cracks or peeling bark.
•    Trunks that grow on a significant lean, possibly exposing roots.
•    Mushrooms growing on or around the base of the tree.
•    Sawdust around the base of the tree trunk
•    Obvious insect infestation.

•    Premature color changes for northern Michigan.
•    Abnormally shaped leaves.
•    Leaf coverage that is abnormal for the species growing in northern Michigan.

If you notice any of these problems never hesitate to call Read Tree Service for a free evaluation.  We will share all of the options with you and provide our professional recommendation.

* Please specify if you are a resident of the Traverse City, Kingsley, Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Lake Ann, Kalkaska or Elk Rapids area.

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