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Overhanging trees can create a hazardous and stressful situation. In fact, errant branches and overhanging trees are the cause of numerous disputes between neighbors in northern Michigan, especially rural areas like Leelanau County. Due to the commonality of such disputes, there are laws in Michigan, which govern the issue of overhanging trees and Leelanau tree trimming services like Read Tree Service that can take care of the offending branches.

Overhanging trees can cause damage to structures on a property. Falling limbs and branches can crush fences, threaten gardens and yard structures, cause roof damage, and even pose a threat to garages and vehicles parked therein. If a tree limb falls and causes damage to property, it can result in insurance claims, monetary loss, and even lawsuits. As such, it is best to prevent these situations whenever possible. In most cases, neighbors agree that tree service or tree trimming is necessary, but they do not always agree on who is responsible for paying for the tree trimming service. .

Ownership of a Tree

Determining the ownership of a tree is rather easy in the state of Michigan. Simply put, if you own the land, you own the trees that grow on that land, even if their limbs and branches reach past your property line onto the property of your neighbors. If the tree is growing along the property line, it can be hard to determine who owns the tree, you may need to consult your property deed or have a survey of your property. the work site cleaner than they found it.

Responsibility of Maintenance

Naturally, it is the job of the owner to maintain the tree as necessary. This may mean hiring a Leelanau tree service for tree removal or trimming. If you notice an overhanging tree that may need attention contact your neighbor in order to receive permission for the tree service company to enter their property in order to assess the tree and complete any tree trimming or removal work.

Overhanging Trees

If you are not the owner of the tree, but rather the owner of the property which is being encroached by the branches of said tree, you have the right to manage, service, or otherwise trim those branches which cross onto your property, so long as doing so does not harm the tree. It is important to note that you may only trim an errant tree insofar as the branch crosses your property line. You may not cross onto your neighbor’s property without permission in order to trim a branch that encroaches onto your property. It’s always a great idea to speak with your neighbor first and come to an agreement if possible and hiring a professional tree service is an excellent option in this situation, as they can perform the necessary maintenance without risking damage to the tree.
If you have other questions or concerns about overhanging trees, call Read Tree Service. We serve the Leelanau and Traverse City area as well as the surrounding northwest Michigan region. Read Tree Service prides ourselves in providing quality, minimum impact tree care and leaving your property cleaner than how we found it. Contact us today for a complimentary quote for your Leelanau tree trimming.

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