Importance of Tree Trimming

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Importance of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming: preventative healthcare for your trees.

All of our Traverse City tree-trimming specialists are experienced, skilled, and use the best equipment for their work in Northern Michigan communities, including Grand Traverse and Leelanau County.

Tree trimming keeps your property tidy and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also an important safety check.

Our background and education in arboriculture (tree care) and urban forestry helps us identify potential hazards and how to cultivate and encourage good growth. We know what to look for and how to trim so that we protect the health of the tree while minimizing the risk for liability.

From offering Traverse City tree trimming services for over 16 years, a combination of technical knowledge and practical experience has given us the ability to predict which issues could be worse in stormy weather with high winds or heavy loads of snow and ice.

Hiring our Traverse City tree service can help to prevent injuries and property damage from hazardous growth or dangerous trees that have been damaged. While we work to trim your trees and improve the look of your residential greenery, we are also able to assess risks like structural defects, damaged crowns or roots, and any signs of internal decay. This allows us to troubleshoot solutions and take steps to make sure we take preventative and corrective action.

We can help minimize the risk of a tree or branch falling onto something valuable like a building or vehicle and we prune branches that rub and could damage an otherwise healthy tree. Our tree trimming specialists can remove dangerous dead tree limbs before they fall and cause damage or injury.

Well-trimmed and properly maintained trees make your property look good, which is important for property values and resale potential. A little bit of preventative care to keep trees healthy and full of vitality protects the investment in your property’s landscaping.

Interested in a free estimate for tree trimming? Contact our professional, fully insured staff at Read Tree Service Inc. to request a quote or to find out more about the northern Michigan tree services we offer in Leeland, Glen Arbor, Suttons Bay and Traverse City, MI.

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