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Hiring a Tree Service – What to Look For

Choosing a tree service provider in northern Michigan can be a challenge; but in such a sprawling, beautiful, natural landscape, there are many affordable options. Northern, MI home and property owners should seek a quality tree service that comes highly recommended. It is important to take your time. Knowing what to look for before you hire a company will help you make the right decision for your home, property, and budget. .
Know Your Options
There are many companies that provide tree service. Northern, MI patrons need to investigate those in their particular area. Many companies charge additional travel fees for jobs outside their range. Verify that they serve properties in your location. If you live in Leelanau, Elk Rapids, or surrounding northern Michigan counties, be sure to check out Read Tree Services.

Professional Accreditation
Tree work is dangerous. It is important that any tree service company you hire be experienced and properly insured. Inquire about their equipment as well. Well-equipped professionals with proper training can perform pruning, hazard tree removal, maintenance, and disease treatment effectively and without impacting other areas of your property. Do not take a chance on an unexperienced handyman. When it comes to tree service, hire a professional.

Safety and Training
Training, licensure, and a good safety record are imperative for companies offering tree service. Northern MI companies providing these services should be able to provide evidence that each employee is properly trained and educated to perform the work safely. Tree removal professionals will be properly outfitted with hardhats, safety glasses, and appropriate tree climbing gear. If the service company shows up with a ladder and a chainsaw, but lacks additional safety provisions, do not hire them. This lack of care and training could mean that you, as the property owner, are liable in the event of an injury. Always ask for proof that they are an insured company.

Professional tree companies should come to your property free of charge to discuss your concerns. They will evaluate the job at hand and provide a free written estimate of services. Ensure that the estimate includes all charges and take the time to compare it with other companies in your local area. Remember that the lowest cost is not always the best option. Determine the necessity of the services being provided and make your choice accordingly.

If you are seeking a quality tree service company in northern Michigan, do your research. Ask friends and neighbors for references of services used in the past. A professional tree company, such as Read Tree Service, can provide the tree and property maintenance services you need and will provide references on request.

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