Do You Need a Traverse City Tree Pruning Service?

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Do You Need a Traverse City Tree Pruning Service?

You may be asking yourself, “Do I need a tree pruning service?” Most people find themselves a little unsure of what it even means to prune a tree. Pruning is nothing more than a process that helps to create a desired shape. It requires cutting limbs and branches in order give the most aesthetic appeal.  Perhaps your yard is beginning to look unruly or you’re wondering how long that large dead branch hanging over the garage will last before it falls on the roof.  Here are some things to help you determine if you need tree pruning and if you should hire a professional tree service.

Your trees need to be pruned if:

•    Trees are overhanging your home, garage or office leaving unwanted leaves in the gutters, making it difficult for your house to drain when the rain falls.

•    You want your trees to have a more polished appearance.

•    Limbs are looming over a building, leaving your home or office in danger of damage when they eventually break and fall.

•    Tree limbs are growing over power lines.

•    There are very large dead branches on your tree(s). When a large branch falls off, it causes significant damage to the tree. This hole could invite parasites and other organisms to make a new home, which will affect the overall health and well being of your tree. If the tree becomes damaged this way, it could result in the death of the tree. A Traverse City tree pruning service can take these branches off in a healthier way, before significant damage is caused either to your property or to the tree.

You should hire a professional tree service to do your tree pruning if:

•    You do not have the time to tackle the project.  A Traverse City tree pruning service can take care of the job while you are at work or better yet out having fun.

•    Many people find that they lack the artistic insight and tree care knowledge to create a beautifully trimmed tree while preserving and even improving its health.

•    You don’t have the correct tools. It can be difficult to cut through thick branches and could even be dangerous, especially if they are high above the ground and lack the proper climbing and safety equipment. If the trimming requires climbing and you do not have experience tree trimming and/or do not have access to the proper tools. In these situations, it is best to see if you can find a local Traverse City tree pruning service.

•    You don’t have any experience tree pruning, or educational materials to help ensure you don’t do more damage than good. An improper pruning can damage and even kill your tree.

•    You do not want to deal with the debris created from tree trimming and pruning.

•    You do not have enough help; often tree pruning involving large branches is a job for more than one person.  If you do not have adequate help it’s a good idea to hire a Traverse City tree service.

•    If the tree is located in a dangerous area, for example near a power line then you should rely on the assistance of professionals.

An experienced Traverse City tree pruning service like Read Tree Service can help to prevent damage to your house, property, and trees, as well as make your yard look more manicured and aesthetically appealing. To contact us for a tree service quote click here or call 231-620-0812.

* When you contact us please specify if you are a resident of the Traverse City, Kingsley, Acme, Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Lake Ann, Kalkaska, Omena, North Port or Elk Rapids area.

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