Dangers of Poor Tree Trimming

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Dangers of Poor Tree Trimming

Property maintenance can be difficult and expensive. For many property owners, the cost of hiring a professional Northern Michigan tree service company can be hard to swallow. Many take tree trimming and maintenance into their own hands in order to save money. Unfortunately, the results are often undesirable. There are many dangers associated with poor tree trimming. It is a process best left to a professional Northern Michigan tree service company like Read Tree Service.
Pruning Trees on Your Property
If you have trees on your property, it is likely they will need to be trimmed or pruned at some point. When branches grow to excessive lengths, they can pose a hazard to other structures nearby, including your garage, home, or fence. Pruning branches by cutting them to a shorter length is one of the best ways to lower the risk of property damage by a hazardous tree. It is important, however, that you entrust this task to a reputable and experienced Northern Michigan tree service company.

Over Pruning
The most common mistake made when trimming trees is over pruning. This occurs when trees are trimmed too drastically. It is recommended that trees be pruned modestly with no more than 30% of the foliage removed at one time.

The Dangers of Over Trimming
Over pruning, or removing more than 30% of a tree’s natural foliage, can have detrimental effects on the tree itself, as well as the surrounding property and structures. In terms of tree health, poor trimming can lead to decay. Cutting a tree branch is similar to cutting one’s arm in the sense that the branch must heal after the process. Excessive cutting can cause a large amount of decay, which will negatively impact the overall health of the tree.

In addition, removing a large percentage of a tree’s foliage will reduce the amount of food available to the plant. Contrary to popular belief, the foliage, produced through the process of photosynthesis, is necessary for the tree to continue to produce the food it needs to thrive.

Poorly trimmed trees pose a risk to surrounding property as well. Excessive trimming alters a tree’s natural balance, causing undue stress on branches. Stressed branches are far more likely to break and fall than those properly trimmed by a reputable Northern Michigan tree service company like Read Tree Service. If multiple branches are trimmed improperly, it can alter the trunk to canopy ratio of the tree, rendering the tree unable to withstand environmental stresses such as wind. This increases the likelihood of the tree falling during strong gusts. Proper pruning, on the other hand, maintains the health and strength of the tree, as well as protects other property interests.

If you are unsure of the condition of the trees on your property and would like them to be inspected and trimmed as needed, contact a trusted Northern Michigan tree service, such as Read Tree Service, today.

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