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A Tree Service Company

Read Tree Service is dedicated to giving its northern Michigan customers the highest level of tree service and professionalism with the industry’s best equipment. Read Tree Service sets itself apart from other companies by focusing on low impact methods, saving your yard from ruts and other damage.

Aside from our practice of low impact tree service, Read Tree Service also prides itself on the cleanup and overall presentation of the finished product. The end result, leaving the job site as clean or better than when we showed up.


Read Tree Service Inc, formally associated with Bays Tree Care, operates out of Traverse City Michigan. We have been in business for 16 years with customers in Leelanau, Grand Traverse, and surrounding counties. The new owner, Ben Read, worked for Bays Tree Care for two years and also owned a tree service and landscaping company in Alton Illinois under the name Read Tree Service and Landscaping. During those years, the owner, Ben Read attended and Graduated from College with a degree in Environmental Resource Management with a focus on Arboriculture (Tree Care) and Urban Forestry (Forestry practices conducted in an Urban Environment).